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Valentine's Day 4-pack

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It's that time of year again!  And whether you spend Feb. 14th making googly-eyes across the table from your soul-mate or watching horror movies with your best friends (or anywhere in between!) this 4 piece collection is sure to hit the spot.

...and getting caught in the rain (Almond Piña Colada): Pineapple, white chocolate and toasted almonds go together wonderfully in an updated take on an old favorite.

Oh, Honey (Date & Rum): Don't feel bad, honey, this date and dark chocolate ganache is delicious - finished with palm sugar and a drop of honey rum sauce.

Forever Love (Cherry Cordial): Our take on the traditional cherry cordial, made with Luxardo cherries surrounded by a sweet liquid center of housemade fondant.

Bleeding Love (Blood Orange Caramel): This slightly tart but delightfully refreshing caramel, made with fresh blood orange juice, oozes out of a sweet white chocolate shell.


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