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Holiday Classics

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Just in time for the holiday season, these 4 flavors are sure to please!

Santa's Cookie Butter: Feel free to not share this one with the big guy in red!  Milk Chocolate, spice and ubiquitous cinnamon cookies come together in one creamy filling.

Candied Walnut & Almond: Roasted (though, not over an open fire) walnuts and almonds are swimming in a creamy caramel-fondant accented with just a touch of our Barrel Rested Vanilla.

Southern Eggnog: Familiar vanilla and nutmeg flavors get a southern twist - whiskey!  Just enough to give you a small kick of courage to handle your in-laws visiting!

Milk Chocolate Orange: A long-held tradition in Jocelyn's family is to add a naval orange to the stockings bursting with chocolates ... the mingling aromas are brought to life in this milk chocolate ganache made with fresh orange juice and lots of zest.

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