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Classic Candy Bars!

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Halloween is the perfect time to think back fondly on all those candies of childhood...and these four flavors are doing just that!

Caramel & Nougat: A dark chocolate shell containing a fluffy milk chocolate nougat, topped with a slightly bitter vanilla caramel.  Sound familiar?

Peppermint Peak: Some things are just mint to be: like chocolate and mint!  A dark chocolate shell containing a white chocolate mint melt away filling.  It's a little pointy shaped, so it's not really a patty.

Peanut Butter Cup:  This classic needs no puns: house made peanut-butter and chocolate come together in a creamy filling.

Almond & Coconut: Almonds, like nearly everything else, get so much better with just a touch of salt: these are brined then slowly roasted and covered in dark chocolate and set to rest with a fluffy coconut vanilla filling.  Sometimes, you feel like a nut.

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